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Minutes - September 9, 2020


Called to order 8:00 – Present were Assessors Brian Thomas & Terry Towne, Planning Board Chair John Holt & Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon


Abatement Request – Discussed application for abatement of property taxes from Gretchen Upson. Need to send to Matt to review for Map 14, Lot 11.


Memorandum – Briefly discussed upcoming meeting with Board of Selectmen and Planning Board scheduled for 10/15/2020 at 6:00 p.m. to discuss memorandum.


Abatement Decision Appeal – Discussed 10/15 upcoming meeting with County Commissioners on appeal of abatement denial


Supplemental – Voted to issue supplemental tax certificate to Map 10, Lot 4-5-2 (Bishop), including adding back homestead exemption, because building was , homestead 4-5-2 house stayed.  Lewis and Melissa Bishop re: split of lot, but not included on the taxes. 


Abatement – Voted to issue abatement to Map 10, Lot 4-5-2A (Cozy Cabin LLC) because building value for Lot 4-5-2 had been included in Lot 4-5-2A.


Veteran Exemption – Voted to approve an application for Veteran’s exemption for David Crane. We will complete a change order at the next scheduled meeting.


Leasing Agent for Personal Property – Reviewed letter from Vervent re: no longer a leasing agent. No action needed.


Widow of Veteran Exemption – Voted to approve exemption for widow of a veteran for Cynthia Norris, Map 16, Lot 55. Property already has Veteran’s Exemption.


Homestead Exemption – Voted to approve Homestead Exemption for Stacey Durrell, Map 7, Lot 3-4. We will complete a change order at the next scheduled meeting.


Remove Owner Name – Need to compete a change order to remove Elizabeth Anne Rolfe as property owner for Map 14, Lot 31. Property card record of ownership updated.


Minutes – approved minutes from August 5, 2020 meeting


Adjourned at 9:25 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


_____              Brian Thomas



_____              Terry Towne