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Minutes -September 15, 2021


Present / Brain Thomas and Terry Towne. Jane Fowler absent


Meeting called to order at 8:03.


1.    Alfred Sandelli filed for a Tax Abatement, Map 14, Lot 56, which was denied by a unanimous vote 2-0. Brian Thomas will write Mr. Sandelli, give the reasons for the denial, and notify him of his right to appeal the decision.

2.    Four Homestead Exemption were accepted for the 2022-2023 tax year next April.

3.    The two bids for the town-wide revaluation were reviewed and the Board voted unanimously to accept the lowest bid from RJD Appraisal. This decision will be forwarded to the Board of Selectmen for further action.

4.    Barbara Davis had contacted the Town Office about some misunderstanding with her tax bill. When she sold the house, only 5.48 acres of the property were transferred to the new owner, and the remaining land is still owned by Mrs. Davis. It was moved and seconded to send the information to Matt Caldwell of RJD Associates to split the house and 5.48 acres from the property and set the values on the two separate lots. This needs to be accomplished first, before the Board can set the amount for the tax abatement and supplemental tax values to the respective property owners. Terry Towne will write a letter to Mrs. Davis explaining the next steps.

5.    The Board reviewed an inquiry from Michael Leavitt about land he recently sold in Lamoine. He felt he had retained some acreage of the sold parcel, but after the Board’s review of the deed, it appears he did sell the entire parcel. There is no further action needed by the Board.

6.    Because the property tax bills to Conopco are being returned as undeliverable, the Board abated the 2021/2022 tax bill for the amount of $29.50.

7.    An abatement was issued for Roy Sprague and a supplemental tax bill was issued to Richard C. Zerrien, Jr. there was an error in the town’s record on ownership of the parcel.

8.    The Board reviewed the Maine Forest Service tree growth roster and concluded that nothing had changed in the previous year.

9    The minutes from the August 4, 2021 Board meeting were approved.

9.    Mr. Yasgur is seeking to have his property value lowered because of the lack of a septic system. This septic field value question will be sent to Matt Caldwell of RJD Appraisal.

10.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.


Respectfully submitted



_____  Terry Towne



_____  Brian Thomas