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Minutes - November 8, 2021


Chair Merle Bragdon called the meeting to order at 6:33 PM.


Present were: Budget Committee Members Robin Veysey, Mark Harris, Tiffany McMullen, Merle Bragdon, Greg Hiltz; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon


Minutes August 30, 2021 – Mark moved to approve the minutes with one correction.  Robin 2nd.  Vote in favor was 4-0 (Hiltz not yet present)


Remote Meeting Policy – Merle said he would prefer not to have remote meetings for the committee.  He said there was a policy adopted by the Select Board, but each committee would have to adopt its own after holding a public hearing.  Robin said everyone is 3-feet apart and masked, and she didn’t see a need for remote meetings unless things get horrible.  Tiffany agreed.  Mark said he had no problem making the meetings in person.  The committee took no action.


Draft Budget Reviews


Administration – Stu reviewed the highlights of the proposed budget, noting that personnel costs make up the bulk of the proposed increase.  He noted that the Select Board and he agreed to a new contract resulting in a pay raise.  He said the Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s contract expires at the end of June 2022, and he has proposed a significant raise based on her years of experience.  Merle asked about election workers, noting that the November 22 election will likely be a very high turnout.  He suggested adding $300 more to that line. 


Waste Disposal – Stu said there has been a significant increase in trash tonnage in the past year, driving up costs.  He said the proposed budget reflects that.  Greg asked about the compactor status.  Stu said the Select Board hired an engineer and a concept design has been completed, but the half million dollar cost seemed prohibitive.  He said the town added a 14th 10-yard dumpster to handle the trash volume, and after that happened, the facility did not have to close early.  Stu noted that recycling has become very expensive, and Lamoine is one of the few towns in the area still doing that.  It was asked how recycling compares to regular solid waste.  Stu said recycling is much more expensive, mostly due to transportation costs.  Stu said the hazardous waste program line is up too, as more people seem to take advantage of the MDI collection event.


Code Enforcement – Stu said that budget is down $200, as the office supply and advertising lines have been eliminated.


Road Maintenance – Stu reported very little change is proposed, except that the line for Needles Eye Road is doubled.  He said in addition to the two large culverts which have been a problem lately, some other cross culverts will need to be reset prior to the road being paved in 2023.


Road Major Projects (Paving) – Stu reported that Marlboro Beach Road, Maxwell Avenue and Lorimer Road are on the cycle for paving and not as much tonnage is required as Buttermilk Road was this current year.  He said he’s budgeted for the cost of paving to increase as the price of oil has risen sharply. 


Other Matters – Stu reported the Select Board is holding a department head/board chair meeting on December 2, 2021 at the school gym.  He said the capital projects schedule is among the items up for discussion.


Next Meeting – The Budget Committee will meet next on November 29, 2021 at 6:30 PM at the town hall.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Stu Marckoon, Secretary