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Minutes - June 1, 2020

Board Members Present: John Holt, Don Bamman, Richard McMullen, Perry Fowler, Stewart Workman, Steve Gabel-Richards


CEO: Rebecca Albright


Members of the Public: Stephen Salsbury, Jesse Cameron


Call to Order: 7:08 PM


Consideration of Minutes: none to consider at this time.


Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports

            Permits: reviewed, explanation that the two shipping containers at the Town salt shed

                          are storage for the fire department auction.

            Enforcement activities: William Andrews is to remove 500 yards of gravel from along the

                           shore on his property.


Permit Conditions Tracking Report: Gravel extraction now permissible in the King pit as satisfactory restoration has been completed.


Old Business:

            The MacQuinn FOIA complaint against the town has been dismissed by the court.

            The Maine Supreme Judicial Court , on May 19, has remanded the matter back to the

            Appeals Board to reinstate the Planning Board’s denial of the permit application.

            MAcQuinn has since filed a request with the court to reconsider its decision.


New Business:

            Gravel Permit Application, Completeness Review, Doug Gott and Sons, Inc. for

            Alexander Pit (Map 1, Lot 67-1)

            Davis Pit (Map4, Lot 16)                     These were considered together.

            Deerworldz Pit (Map 1, Lot 70)


            It was moved (Holt/McMullen) to find all three applications complete. (5 - 0)


            Gravel Pit Application, Completeness Review, Harold MacQuinn, Inc,

            Beal Pit (Map 7, Lot 9).

            It was moved (Holt/Bamman) to find the application complete with the following

            conditions: section 1k - an updated financial statement is needed; section 1e, check the

            Shoreland Zoning Map to see if part of the parcel falls in that zone.

            (5 - 0 Fowler recused as an abutter, Workman voting)


            Gravel Pit Application, Completeness Review, Horpland, LLC,

            Butler Pit (Map 7, Lots 13 & 14) 

            It was moved to accept as complete (Holt/Bamman) with the following condition,

            section 2c, water quality report not back from lab and needs to be included.

            (5 - 0 Fowler recused, Workman voting)


            Gravel Pit Application, Completeness Review, Cameron Stone and Landscaping,

            Map 4, Lot 41-A

            Moved to find application complete (Holt/Bamman) with the following conditions, sections 1h & 1k need proof provided; section 4g needs dimensions of building added.  (5-0)


Ordinance Development: Shoreland Zoning Ordinance amendments to be presented at the rescheduled Town Meeting on June 24.


Upcoming Meeting Dates:


            Site visits - Tuesday, June 9, 3:00 PM at the Town Office


            Monthly meetings: 6/29 (July), 8/2, 8/30 (September)


Meeting Adjourned at 8:02 PM