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Minutes - June 29, 2020 (Draft, subject to correction)


Board Members Present: John Holt, Richard McMullen, Perry Fowler, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Stewart Workman, Steve Gabel-Richards, Don Bamman


Members of the Public: Steve Salsbury, Jesse Cameron


Public Meeting called to order: 6:32 PM

            No public comments or discussion.

Public Hearing closed: 6:34 PM


Consideration of Minutes for March 2 and June 1. Moved to accept (Bamman/Fowler) passed 5 - 0.


CEO Reports:

            Permits Issued - no discussion

            Enforcement Issues: CEO Rebecca Albright not present, no discussion.


Permit Conditions Tracking Report: Similar to last month with one exception, the King Pit restoration has been approved by the CEO so excavation will now be permitted.


Old Business: Kittridge Pit expansion - we are waiting for a court decision on MacQuinn’s request to the court to reconsider their previous finding against MacQuinn after submitting some new material to be considered.


New Business:

            Gravel Permit Application - Findings of Fact and Decision - Cameron Stone and Landscape LLC, Map 4 / Lot 41-A.

            Moved to Accept with Condition (Holt/Tadema-Wielandt) accepted 5-0. The condition not met is in section D-2, the filing of the Intent to Restore with the County Registry of Deeds which makes it an encumbrance on the deed. To be filed within 30 days.


            Gravel Permit Application - Findings of Fact and Decision - Harold MacQuinn, Inc., Beal Pit, Map 7 / Lot 9. (Fowler recused, Gabel-Richards voting)

            Previous requests for additional material following Completeness review have been provided. Page 13, example of form for proof of filing Intent to Restore. Board decided that the form needs to be updated for future use.

            Moved to accept application (Holt/Tadema-Wielandt), passed 5 - 0.


            Gravel Permit Application - Findings of Fact and Decision - Doug Gott and Sons, Inc., Alexander Pit, Map 1 / Lot 67-1; Davis Pit, Map 4 / Lot 16;  and Deerworldz Pit, Map 1 / Lot 70. Treated as one application.

            Moved to accept with conditions (Holt/Tadema-Wielandt) accepted 5 - 0. The condition being the filing of the intent to restore with the County Registry of Deeds within 30 days.


            Gravel Permit Application - Findings of Fact and Decision - Horpland, LLC, Butler Pit Map 7 / Lots 13 & 24. Moved to accept with 2 conditions (Holt/Tadema-Wielandt ) accepted 5 - 0. Conditions are, from sect D-2, the filing of intent to restore with County Registry of Deeds and Exhibit A, and statement of volume of material extracted for payment of $0.05/yd to the Town.


            Building Permit Application, Nancy M. Tice, Map 14 / Lot 31 - opinion of Board as to location of replacement residence in the Shoreland Zone.

            After discussion and review of map, the Board is asking the applicant to consult with the Electric Utility Co. if a new easement could be developed that would allow for placement of the residence outside of the Shoreland setback zone. Site visit scheduled for Monday, July 6, at 4:00 PM.


Shoreland Zoning Amendments: amendments as written by the Board, were approved at Town Meeting. Next step, the new Ordinance gets sent to the state for review and they have 45 days to respond.


Upcoming Meeting Dates: August 3, August 30, October 5.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:45 PM