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Minutes - October 5, 2020 (Draft, subject to correction)

Board Members Present: John Holt, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Perry Fowler, Richard McMullen, Stewart Workman, Steve Gabel-Richards


Members of the Public Present: None


CEO: Rebecca Albright


Call to Order: 6:59 PM


Consideration of Minutes: Motion to accept minutes from August 31, (Fowler/McMullen).  Passed 5 - 0


Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports

            Permits issued - reviewed and no discussion.

            Enforcement Activities - ongoing with no changes


Review of Permit Conditions tracking Report - Restoration work at the Asher Pit, which was to be completed by 9/30/20 has been done and seems to be taking. Ceo will revisit and confirm this.


Old Business:

1.       There will be a joint meeting of Selectmen, Planning Board and Board of Assessors, requested by the assessors, to begin a discussion to develop procedures for reporting violations that assessors may find while carrying out their duties.

2.       Shoreland Zoning Map to be printed by College of the Atlantic when they open up.

3.       Chair Holt has contacted Stu, Griff Fenton, and the town lawyer for clarification of the process that is to be followed following the State Supreme Court decision on the Kittredge Pit expansion. This is necessary as the Board and CEO look at possible violations in the original pit area.

4.       Tadema-Wielandt brought up the missing sign at the entrance to the Asher Pit. CEO will contact Steve Salsbury, agent for Harold MacQuinn, and remind him that a sign is required by the ordinance.


New Business: None


Ordinance Development: Chair Holt brought up several ordinance issues that were in need of clarification. This was just at the discussion level and if the Board feels that we should address these they will be placed on a future agenda.

1.       In the BLUO, the section on nonconforming structures. The Board felt that this section could use more direction and guidance to property owners.

2.       BLUO Section 12 - deals with front yard setback of 75 feet from the centerline of a Public Road. Discussion followed about what constitutes a public road. An amendment was suggested that would remove “public” from the road description and instead the setback would be from the centerline of the roads within the subdivision.

3.       Site Plan Review Ordinance, Section M, Appeals. The Board discussed reorganizing this section to clarify what type of appeal is permitted and to which body it can be made.

4.       Site Plan Review Ordinance, Section J, General Review Standards, 1. Preserve and Enhance the Landscape. There are two paragraphs in the section dealing with preserving and enhancing the landscape and it was suggested that these should be designated paragraph “a” and paragraph “b”.

5.       Building Height. The three major ordinances each contain different definitions of building height and how it is determined. After a lengthy discussion, the Board will take up possible new language at a future meeting.



Upcoming Meeting Dates:

            Regular meetings: November 9, December 7, January 4.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:34 PM