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Minutes - August 9, 2021 (Draft, subject to correction)


Board Members Present: John Holt, Don Bamman, Richard McMullen, Perry Fowler, Stewart Workman, Steve Gabel-Richards


CEO: Rebecca Albright


Members of the Public Present: James Boyle, Nick Holt


Call to Order: 7:00 pm


Consideration of Minutes: Motion by Fowler/Bamman to accept the minutes from 6/7/21 as amended. Passed 5 - 0.


Motion by Holt/ Fowler to accept the minutes from 5/3/21 as written. Passed 5 - 0.


CRO Reports:

            Permits - no comments

            Enforcement Activities - there are four active activities, three nearly resolved, and one was sent a notice of violation. No Board action needed at present.


            CEO asked the Board for comment on a situation where an owner with two sheds and a camp within the Shoreland Zone wants to stabilize the structures by making some foundation repairs. Checking with Board to verify that this work does not go beyond repairs and into rebuilding. Based on description of work, Board agreed that this was an allowed repair.


Permit Conditions Tracking Report: Same as last month, only project being tracked is the Kittredge Pit.


Old Business: Site Plan Permit application completeness review for Harold MacQuinn, Inc., Map 3 / lots 31 & 33, road construction. This application has been withdrawn.


New Business:

            Robert Brown, Map 12 / Lot 3, request for a construction permit extension. After brief discussion, Holt/Bamman moved to grant a one year extension. Passed 5 - 0.


Conversation with James Boyle, representing Maine Woodland Properties, about their plans to develop the former Miro property along the Jordan River. A map was presented showing a proposal for an eleven lot subdivision of the 47 acres averaging about 4 acres each. John Holt expressed concern about lack of public access to the shore along the Jordan River. In particular, wormers have used the Miro property for access to the river for many years. It was suggested that the developers might want to consider providing access to the shore on some portion of the property to allow for public access. This would allow the wormers to continue with their occupation without having to trespass. Holt then reminded Mr. Boyle that in Section K of our subdivision ordinance that the Board may require, in any subdivision, that up to 10% of the development be set aside as open space or common land. The Board may also request the this land be dedicated to the Town as open space for public use. The Board may also require preservation of areas of natural beauty and public access. It was suggested that the developers might want to consider this and work with the Town to accommodate this need.


Election of Officers: Moved by Fowler/Holt for the officers to remain as is. Passed 5 - 0.


Ordinance Development: Review and initial discussion of current ordinance regulations concerning campgrounds. They are currently fairly restrictive and not reflective of changes in how campgrounds are perceived. Do we need to look at and propose changes to the regulations? Bamman provided examples of regulations from other towns in the area for comparison. Board will look at this further at future meetings.


Upcoming Meetings: Regular meetings on September 13, October 4, and November 8.


Meeting Closed: 8:15 pm