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Minutes - June 8, 2020

Parks Chair Cathi Goebel called meeting to order at 6:05 on Zoom.

Present: Commission members Cathi Goebel, Lori Jordan, Jeff Cosulich, Maggie Andros, Georgianna Pulver, and Town Administrator Stu Marckoon


Minutes from January 6, 2020, were approved as written. Jeff proposed and Maggie seconded motion to approve. Vote was 5 to 0.

Secretary position

Cathi agreed to take minutes tonight and proposed that members could take turns in future meetings. Stu recommended one person be assigned but said that it was up to group. Maggie volunteered to take minutes starting next meeting.

Marlboro Beach Kiosk

Cathi had shared via email pictures that Georgianna had taken of Marlboro Beach, historical information, and ecological information from Terry Towne. She asked what content the group would like to see on the kiosk. The following content was discussed: recreational activities; history; ecology(flora and fauna); geology; rules not mentioned on sign including need for permit for groups over 25); a map; other sites in Lamoine such as the parks; and a panorama of view from Beach.

Lori mentioned that there is an app that will label features in a panoramic photo and she will get information about it.

Cathi asked about possible artists if needed. We will try to use pictures as much as we can but we may need some sketches. Stu recommended Lee Kline, who designed the Lamoine 150 Logo.

Cathi has found at least one free Poster app that can be used to design the kiosk panels. She will try to draft layouts prior to the next meeting.

Lori asked about possibly including a pamphlet with more information or having URLs on the panels that would link to information on the Town website.

Bloomfield Park

Trail camera: Cathi, Jeff and Rick Andros replaced the batteries and card on the trail camera on May 16. Jeff believes that we will not have to change either until the Fall. We will discuss at our next meeting. Jeff had reviewed pictures from the previous card and did not see anything of note.

Kiosk: Per Stu, the top and legs have been repaired by Mike Jordan. He will ask Mike about what further is needed to transport it back to Bloomfield Park.

Lamoine Beach Playground

Equipment for the playground has been delivered and paid for and the Lamoine Little Children’s group will arrange to have it installed. Bret Jones will help with coordinating this.

Lamoine 150 Celebration/ Community Walks

Cathi had proposed that the Parks Commission could sponsor community walks for the Lamoine 150 celebration, which has been postponed until 2021. Jeff suggested that we could still sponsor a walk in August and restrict the number of people to 10. Cathi suggested a walk that would start at the school and follow the route of the Flat Top race ( left onto Shore Rd after the Grange.) People could choose 1 miles or 3 miles or anything in between. Plan: August 15 at 9 a.m.

We will send an announcement to Stu to put on the Town Facebook Page and Stu will share it with others and asked us to do the same. We will need to post signs along the route and elsewhere to alert drivers about the walkers. Stu reminded the group that the Recreation Committee had used a banner.

Stu also reported that when the Town acquires property adjacent to Bloomfield Park, the snowmobile path could be used for a community walk.

Lori suggested for future walks we could alternate Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons after church.

Other business: Maggie and Bob have agreed to remain on the Commission.

Cathi welcomed Lori to the group as our newest member.

Group discussed a gift for Doug, who retired from the Commission in April. Lori suggested that she could put together a gourmet gift basket. She will design one and run it by the group.

Next meeting:

Monday, August 10 at 6p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 6:43 p.m.