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Minutes - September 13, 2021


Parks Chair Cathi Goebel called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Present: Commission members Cathi Goebel, Maggie Andros, Jeff Cosulich, Bob Ehlers, and alternate Georgianna Pulver. 


The minutes of the August 2, 2021 meeting were approved as written.  Jeff proposed and Bob seconded a motion to accept the minutes as written.  Vote in favor was 5 to 0.    

Whitcomb Woods:

Bob and Stu installed the sign at Whitcomb Woods.  Regarding making the trail, Cathi contacted Frenchman Bay Conservancy (FBC) and they would like to leave the area as is, no trail.  FBC said we, the Parks Commission, could make a trail, but we would need to run the plan past FBC.

Cathi asked the Parks Commission if we want to put in a trail, and it was agreed that we do want a trail and that was the intent of the property donors to enjoy the property.  We discussed how to go about the trail planning, and it was agreed the Parks Commission would meet on Sat. Oct. 16, 2021 at Whitcomb Woods to walk the woods and decide where a trail should be located.  Cathi will obtain maps from the Town Office (and see if there is an aerial map) to determine borders.  It was discussed possibly extending the trail that’s already there by the pit.    

A dedication event for Whitcomb Woods was discussed.  It was agreed that next year would be a better time and maybe the trail would be done by then.

Marlboro Beach:

The area around the kiosk is grown in with weeds.  Bob offered to clean it up and also clean around the memorial bench. It was recommended we put some gravel around the kiosk to prevent weeds from growing back.  Bob offered to do that as well.

Bob inquired as to the status of the project of roping off areas at Marlboro Beach for vegetation growth.  Jeff reported it’s happening this Saturday, time to be determined depending on when boulders get delivered.  The Conservation Commission of Lamoine has signs to put up for the vegetation growth.  The project will be done in phases.

Bloomfield Park: 

On October 25, the Friends & Family of Jessica Kane want to have a ceremony at Bloomfield Park.  The bench was supposed to be installed last weekend, but it is not there yet.  Cathi will contact them to verify the date of the ceremony and let them know a permit would be needed if there will be more than 25 people present.

Follow-up from August meeting where a town citizen recommended restricting Bloomfield Park for Lamoine residents only, restricting dogs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and having stickers for cars (free to residents, $20 charge for non-residents).  Cathi is in favor of putting up a sign restricting dogs from water during those hours.  It was discussed that we would have no way to enforce the stickers.  The town citizen had suggested having volunteers check stickers. 

Georgiana recommended starting with a sign that would say something like “For the benefit and enjoyment of our community, please be considerate of others and overcrowding.”  We could list the hours, must have dogs on leash and restricted from beach/water from 8:00-5:00.  Georgiana offered to check Long Pond, Beech Hill, and Donnell Pond for some sign wording. 

Cathi will respond to the concerned citizen with an email about putting up a sign.  If he wants to go further, he can follow-up with the Town Selectmen.   Bob proposed and Jeff seconded a motion to put up a sign.  Vote in favor was 5 to 0.    

Remote Participation Policy: 

Stu sent out an email that all Town Committees should have a Remote Participation Policy for attending meetings via Zoom now that the state mandate is over.  If we want to use the Selectman’s policy, Stu can type one up for the Parks Commission to use. Cathi recommended we have a policy in place.  Maggie proposed and Bob seconded a motion to adopt the policy Stu recommended.  Vote in favor was 5 to 0.    

Next meeting:

Monday, December 13, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. 

There being no further business, Cathi proposed and Maggie seconded a motion to adjourn.  Vote in favor was 5 to 0. Meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Maggie Andros

Member, Lamoine Parks Commission