Town of Lamoine, Maine
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Fire Calls - 2005

Call #
Type of Call
Other Info/Page Link
2005-61 12/2/05 Mutual Aid Trenton Canceled en-route
2005-60 11/22/05 Motor Vehicle Accident 292 Mud Creek Rd See Web Page
2005-59 11/22/05 Tree in Road Raccoon Cove Road Removed tree in road
2005-58 11/22/05 Tree in Road Shore Road Removed tree in road
2005-57 11/11/05 Oil Spill 98 Seal Point Rd See Web Page
2005-56 11/9/05 Traffic Control US Route 1 Hancock Created traffic detour for Hancock Fire Dept. due to traffic accident.
2005-55 11/8/05 Stove Fire 556 Partridge Cove Rd. See Web Page
2005-54 11/7/05 Station Coverage Ellsworth Covered Ellsworth FD while they assisted Surry with Structure Fire
2005-53 11/1/05 Medical Assist Narrows Way Assisted County Ambulance with worm digger in distress.
2005-52 10/9/05 Flooded Road Jordan River Rd. See Web Page
2005-51 10/9/05 Flooded Basement 267 Douglas Hwy. Provided sump pumps
2005-50 10/9/05 Flooded Road Needles Eye Rd See Web Page
2005-49 10/9/05 Flooded Road Pinkhams Flats See Web Page
2005-48 10/9/05 Flooded Road Mud Creek Rd. See Web Page
2005-47 10/2/05 Motorcycle Accident Douglas Hwy/Shore Rd LVFD provided traffic control at motorcycle accident with injury
2005-46 9/29/05 Tree, Wires Down 21 Marlboro Beach Rd see web page
2005-45 9/29/05 Tree Down 69 Lamoine Beach Rd See web page
2005-44 9/29/05 Tree, Wires Down Lumberjack Lane See web page
2005-43 9/18/05 Mutual Aid-Smoke Report Route 3 Trenton Responded to report of smoke at Old Dutch Treat - no fire
2005-42 9/4/05 Smoke Report 108 Douglas Hwy # 3 See Web Page
2005-41 8/27/05 Structure Fire - Mutual Aid Bar Hbr Rd. Trenton Provided mutual aid to house fire in Trenton
2005-40 8/22/05 Accident/search Pinkhams Flats/Shore Rd Motorcyclist fled scene of possible accident. LVFD assisted Hancock SO with search. Driver not found
2005-39 8/14/05 Mattress (Debris) Fire Mill Road LVFD put out burning mattress at gravel pit entrance.
2005-38 8/14/05 Vehicle in water Lamoine Beach See Web Page
2005-37 7/30/05 Motor Vehicle Accident - Traffic Control Route 1, Hancock LVFD closed Route 1 at request of Hancock FD due to serious injuries.
2005-36 7/27/05 Fire Alarm-Power Out Town Hall - 606 Douglas Hwy LVFD responded to fire alarm activation at town hall due to lightning hit - no fire
2005-35 7/24/05 Structure Fire 47 Foster St. Ellsworth See Web Page
2005-34 7/18/05 Motor Vehicle Accident Douglas Hwy/Shore Rd. Pickup truck hit utility pole, minor damage, no injury - traffic control only.
2005-33 7/11/05 Water Rescue/Assist Marlboro Beach See Web Page
2005-32 6/25/05 Motor Vehicle Accident 212 Jordan River Rd. Car went off road, 1 injury. See Web Page
2005-31 6/20/05 Car/Pedestrian Accident 703 Lamoine Beach Road LVFD responded to report of 14-year old girl on bicycle hit by car. (See Web Page)
2005-30 6/10/05 False Alarm Pasture Way Neighbor spotted what looked like house on fire - turned out to be brush pile with permit burn behind house.
2005-29 6/10/05 Sinking Boat Lamoine State Park Boat in mooring field took on water. Private vessel aided shortly after call received and LVFD was called off.
2005-28 6/8/05 Water Rescue Carter's Beach, Hancock LVFD responded to mutual aid call for two people in a capsized canoe. Both returned safely to shore before rescue boat launch
2005-27 5/16/05 Furnace Fire 447 Lamoine Beach Rd. LVFD responded to call of smoke in house at 1:30 AM, found furnace with internal fire sending out smoke. Turned off power to furnace, evacuated smoke. No injury
2005-26 5/14/05 Motor Vehicle Accident with injury Lamoine Beach Rd. Go to Ellsworth American Story
2005-25 4/26/05 Stand by with boat Hancock Hancock FD requested boat be ready for possible water rescue/search. Incident turned out to be a man trapped on a roof without injury.
2005-24 4/26/05 Tree Burning on Power Line 23 Wolf Run FD stood by until Bangor Hydro arrived
2005-23 4/19/05 Unpermitted Burn 141 Buttermilk Rd. 14-year old boy unaware of burning ban lit fire in backyard to cook hot dogs. LVFD extinguished fire.
2005-22 4/19/05 Propane Explosion 128 Buttermilk Rd. Camp stove exploded in kitchen. Homeowner extinguished with fire extinguisher prior to arrival
2005-21 4/19/05 Wildfire-mutual aid Henderson Rd., Hancock Provided 7 personnel and 2 apparatus to assist with 30-acre wildfire
2005-20 4/18/05 Station Coverage Various Locations Stood by station while several departments in area responded to wildfires.
2005-19 4/17/05 Wildfire-mutual aid Haynes Rd Ellsworth Provided equipment & manpower to Ellsworth FD on wildfire
2005-18 4/16/05 Wildfire 36 Bear Point Way Permit burn out of control, no damage
2005-17 4/16/05 Wildfire 634 Lamoine Beach Rd. Permit burn out of control, minor damage
2005-16 4/11/05 Stand by station Ellsworth Fire Dept. Provided station coverage during structure fire call.
2005-15 4/10/05 Wildfire 46-Gilpatrick Lane Go to Web Page
2005-14 3/31/05 Medical Assist 520 Douglas Hwy. Pregnant female fell at home and had leg lodged between building and deck.
2005-13 3/29/05 Flooded Cellar 10 Clamshell Alley Provided emergency sump pumping
2005-12 3/9/05 Flooded Cellar 8 Lorimer Rd. Provided emergency sump pumping
2005-11 2/28/05 Stand by Station - Somesville FD Somesville Stood by for station coverage while Trenton provided mutual aid at a fatal fire in Somesville
2005-10 2/28/05 Motor Vehicle Accident 212 Jordan River Rd. Go to Web Page
2005-09 2/25/05 Stand by Station - Franklin FD Franklin Stood by for station coverage while Hancock provided mutual aid at a structure fire in Franklin
2005-08 2/10/05 Motor Vehicle Accident 425 Douglas Hwy. Car / Utility Pole Accident, no injury. LVFD provided traffic control for 2.5 hours
2005-07 2/7/05 Mutual Aid Call - Hancock US Route 1 Lamoine provided traffic control at fatal accident.
2005-06 2/4/05 Mutual Aid Call-Trenton Bayside Road Go to Web Page
2005-05 2/2/05 Rescue- People through ice Marlboro Beach Go to Web Page
2005-04 2/1/05 Rescue - Lifeline activation South Birchlawn Drive (false alarm)
2005-03 1/30/05 Stand by for Other Department Ellsworth Fire Station  
2005-02 1/25/05 Motor Vehicle Accident 857 Douglas Hwy. (car off road only)
2005-01 1/18/05 Motor Vehicle Accident 358 Douglas Hwy. (car off road only)