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Incident 2007-41 - June 24, 2007

LVFD was called by the Hancock County RCC for a reported capsized sailboat off Lamoine State Park . We launched the Rescue Boat with Lt. Brett Jones and FF Matthew Jordan on board and they reached the sailboat and three people across Mt. Desert Narrows approximately 5-minute after launch. Once on scene they pulled three people identified as Douglas Wallmer, Angie Wallmer and their son of 16 Bramble Lane in Trenton .

Simultaneous to our launch, Harbor Master and FF Lt. David Herrick used a skiff to reach his lobster boat moored in the Harbor. Our rescue boat got the three people out of the cold water and met Mr. Herrick's boat who transported them to shore. County Ambulance was called to the scene and checked out the three victims, but did not transport them to the hospital. They were cold, but otherwise unhurt. All three were wearing life jackets.

Mr. Herrick towed the capsized sailboat into Lamoine Harbor and tied it to an unused mooring until such time as the owners could retrieve it.

Once on shore, Lamoine VFD used blankets to warm up the three victims until the ambulance arrived.

Harbor Master David Herrick's Lobster Boat pulls the capsized sailboat to a mooring
Bertt Jones (L) pilots the rescue boat. Matt Jordan (R) helped the three people on board.