Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

Incident Report from June 10, 2004

Lamoine VFD was paged to a residence at 371 Lamoine Beach Road for a report of a kitchen fire. Upon arrival, firefighters found the residence filled with smoke emanating from a drawer in the kitchen. After evacuating two residents, firefighters pulled the drawer out of the building and extinguished the contents while evacuating smoke from the residence.

The investigation found that the homeowners had been cooking and left a pot holder on the stove, and it started to ignite. Not realizing that, the homeowner had placed the hot pot holder in the drawer and it caught the contents of the drawer on fire.

No significant damage was done to the home and no one was injured. Response time was extremely fast, as firefighters were present at the Lamoine VFD Station for their weekly meeting.