Town of Lamoine, Maine
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Fire Department

Oil Spill Call August 28, 2004

The Lamoine Volunteer Fire Department was called on Saturday, August 28, 2004 to help contain an oil spill at a Buttermilk Road residence. On arrival, a plumber had stopped the leak, but several dozen gallons had come out of the tank onto the cellar floor. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection was called to take over the cleanup. Luckily, the oil did not reach the cellar drain/sump pump system, however the home's basement was a mess and fumes filled the house for hours. LVFD was on scene for approximately an hour and a half. The spill was caused by the collapse of a wood pile in the basement, and pieces of wood stricking the outlet of the heating fuel tank.
Firefighters Kermit Theall (L), Mike Maxwell (with mop) and Joe Young (background), sop up heating fuel on the floor of a Buttermilk Road home.
A pile of wood stacked near the oil tank collapsed and damaged the outlet assembly, spilling approximately 50 to 75 gallons on the floor.
The oil ruined a few pieces of turnout gear and personal clothing. Firefighter Theall cleans the mess form his boots using absorbant pads carried on the fire trucks.