Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

Rescue Call August 14, 2005

LVFD was called for a report of a vehicle in the water off Lamoine Beach. County Ambulance, State Police and the Marinei Patrol also responded to the scene. Firefighters David Herrick Jr. & Sr. opted to launch their private boat, a flat bottom skiff to check to see if anyone was inside the vehicle and confirmed that no one was. The vehicle was approximately 200-yards off the beach in the tidal area, mired in rocks and mud. The high tide had submerged the vehicle

While that investigation took place the gentleman that owned the vehicle arrived at the beach and identified himself to the state trooper on scene as the vehicle owner. He stated that he had driven to the beach to watch shooting stars the previous evening and got the vehicle mired.

The investigation was turned over to the State Police and Marine Patrol. The State Trooper advised the vehicle owner that the mishap should have been reported immediately so that emergency responders would not have to risk their safety and property. LVFD responded to the scene with Rescue Truck 403, Truck 405 and the Rescue Boat.

While on this call, the fire department also received a report of a burning mattress on Mill Road. Personnel standing by at the fire station responded with Engine 401 and Tanker 404 and quickly extinguished the mattress which had been improperly dumped at the entrance to a gravel pit area.