Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

Fire Department Call November 11, 2005

Lamoine VFD was called to 98 Seal Point Road by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection after a report of a home heating fuel spill. On arrival LVFD personnel found the problem was with the oil tank in the basement of the unoccupied home and immediately shut off the oil feed, ending the leak.

The oil had been leaking, apparently, for several days and migrated across the gravel floor of the basement to a sump pump which pumped an unknown amount of fuel outdoors to a drainage ditch, which lead to the road ditch on Seal Point Road.

From there, the oil follwed a cross culvert underneath the road which led to a channel leading to the Skillings River and to a farm pond on the opposite side of the road.

LVFD personnel placed absorbant pads (FF John Karst is shown above, and a crew is shown to the left) in the ditches and an absorbant boom at the farm pond across the street.

The DEP was on scene that evening and the next day a cleanup crew arrived to begin removing the contamination. A well next to the home is threatened by the spill, with a lesser threat to other wells in the neighborhood.