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Lamoine VFD Incident(s) October 9, 2005

State Route 204 at the Archer's Brook crossing had its shoulder washed out when waters overwhelmed the culvert. LVFD blocked the road in both directions until the water subsided.
Firefighter John Karst manned the intersection by the Town Hall with Lamoine Rescue 403 until barricades could be put in place to prevent traffic from crossing the flooded area. Despite the barricades, some motorists removed gates and cones and traversed the area against their better judgement.
One lane along Mud Creek Road was also inundated by water, making it dangerous for vehicles to pass safely. By nightfall the water had subsided.
Barricades along Needles Eye Road warned motorists of the flooded area ahead. The flooded area has been a chronic problem mostly due to beavers in the vicinity. The flood waters subsided by nightfall and the road was once again safe to traverse.
Firefighter Joe Young warns oncoming motorists to slow down on Jordan River Road as water overwhelmed the 2-foot culvert. The entrance to one residence was washed out by the floodwaters. The Maine Department of Transportation has been informed of the problems. That flood subsided after about 5-hours and temporary barricades were removed.