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Incidents 2006

Call #
Type of Call
Other Info/Page Link
2006-47 12/21/06 Rescue - Tree fell on person Lamoine Beach Road Man cutting trees had large tree land on leg. LVFD removed man from danger area and loaded onto County Ambulance
2006-46 11/28/06 Station Coverage Ellsworth Fire Lamoine VFD stood by at Ellsworth station while they fought a structure fire on the Surry Road
2006-45 11/24/06 Motor Vehicle Accident Pinkhams Flats A single vehicle accident involving a sedan with three teen-aged boys from Hancock. Two were transported by County Ambulance to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. State Police are investigating.
2006-44 11/21/06 Structure Fire 108 Douglas Hwy Lot 7 (Hancock) Called to Birch Haven Trailer Park for report of fire in wall of mobile home. Ellsworth and Hancock FD's called. Lot is actually in Hancock. Homeowner extinguished prior to arrival. Cause was improper disposal of smoking material.
2006-43 10/29/06 Stand by Station Hancock Stood by Station while Hancock investigated smoke report at White Birches Restaurant
2006-42 10/29/06 Tree & Wires Down Lamoine Beach Rd See Summary of Windstorm Related Activities
2006-41 10/28/06 Tree in Road Walker Road
2006-40 10/28/06 Tree, Wires Down Shore Road/Wolf Run
2006-39 10/28/06 Tree on Wires Marlboro Beach Rd.
2006-38 10/28/06 Tree in Road Mill Road
2006-37 10/20/06 Wire in Road Buttermilk Road Wind storm blew tree across power line. LVFD stood by for Bangor Hydro
2006-36 10/20/06 Motor Vehicle Accident Pinkhams Flats Single Vehicle accident, no injury. LVFD provided traffic control
2006-35 10/18/06 Medical Assist Asa's Lane LVFD provided scene support for EMT's responding to heart attack. Victim, former chief Calvin Smith, did not survive
2006-34 10/13/06 Wire in Road 1059 Shore Rd Wire blown down in wind storm. LVFD stood by for Bangor Hydro
2006-33 10/4/06 Stand by for Hancock FD Franklin Lamoine provided multi-town coverage during structure fire in Franklin (no calls came in)
2006-32 10/1/06 Medical Assist Lamoine Beach Rd. Elderly man fell, called for lift assist but determined ambulance was needed. Provided basic 1st aid until ambulance arrival.
2006-31 9/24/06 Stand by Station-Ellsworth FD Ellsworth LVFD covered Ellsworth fire while they were battling a structure fire on Christian Ridge Road.
2006-30 7/27/06 Tree in Road Partridge Cove Rd. LVFD removed fallen tree from road
2006-29 7/27/06 Tree in Road Lamoine Beach Rd. LVFD removed fallen tree from road
2006-28 7/26/06 Tree on fire Lamoine Beach Rd. Report from passing motorist that tree fell on power line - no action needed.
2006-27 7/25/06 Tree in Road Raccoon Cove Road LVFD removed fallen tree from Road
2006-26 7/25/06 False Alarm Jordan River Rd. Report of box on fire at Bangor Hydro parking lot - no fire on arrival
2006-25 6/12/06 Motor Vehicle Accident Pinkhams Flats 18-year old driver rolled car over, uninjured. LVFD stood by during investigation, towing
2006-24 6/8/06 Tree in Road Partridge Cove Road Heavy rain brought poplar tree down, into Route 204
2006-23 5/26/06 Motor Vehicle Accident Pinkhams Flats LVFD responded to 3:30 AM call of single vehicle roll over accident. Driver was transported to MCMH with minor injuries. Hancock County Sheriff's Dept. investigating, 25-year old female driver charged with operating after suspension.
2006-22 4/30/06

Stand By Station

Franklin LVFD stood by station during Red Flag fire danger while several depts responded to woods/structure fire in Franklin.
2006-21 4/29/06 Wildfire 1471 Shore Rd. Approximately 1 acre burned, started by juveniles playing with fire.
2006-20 4/5/06 Mutual Aid-Structure/Mattress State Street Ellsworth Stood by EFD while that department dealt with structural fire
2006-19 3/24/06 Chimney Fire 50 Pasture Way Investigated chimney fire which had self extinguished by arrival. No damage.
2006-18 3/8/06 Service Call 122 Lamoine Beach Rd. Cat in Tree - Advised homeowner to set out can of tuna.
2006-17 3/7/06 Possible Wildfire 449 Douglas Hwy False Alarm-neighbor saw permit burn
2006-16 3/1/06 Lost Child Raccoon Cove Road LVFD assisted in search for lost boy. He was found at a neighbor's home.
2006-15 2/17/06 Tree, wires down Buttermilk Road Stood by scene until Bangor Hydro arrival
2006-14 2/17/06 Tree in Road Douglas Hwy Removed tree from road in windstorm
2006-13 2/17/06 Tree in Road Partridge Cove Road, Asa's Lane Removed tree from road in windstorm
2006-12 2/11/06 Chimney Fire 29 Orchard Lane Fire in stovepipe, was out on arrival. Advised homeowners to clean pipe after woodstove use.
2006-11 2/2/06 Motor Vehicle Accident Douglas Highway See Web Page
2006-10 1/23/06 Motor Vehicle Accident 6 Lamoine Beach Rd. LVFD provided traffic control for accident involving pickup truck and dump truck - no injuries.
2006-09 1/21/06 Tree in Road Quail Lane LVFD crew removed tree
2006-08 1/21/06 Tree in Road Asa's Lane LVFD crew removed tree
2006-07 1/18/06 Tree in Road Raccoon Cove Road LVFD crew removed tree.
2006-06 1/18/06 Tree down, power lines down Lamoine Beach Road See web page
2006-05 1/15/06 Tree on Power Line Partridge Cove Road See web page
2006-04 1/15/06 Tree on Power Line 579 Partridge Cove Rd See Web Page
2006-03 1/9/06 Motor Vehicle Accident Lamoine Beach & Shore Roads LVFD stood by until Law Enforcement arrived
2006-02 1/5/06 Skidder Fire Buttermilk Rd See Web Page
2006-01 1/1/06 Chimney Fire 7 Tilden Way Called to Chimney fire, quickly extinguished, only minor damage