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Windstorm of October 28 & 29, 2006

A fierce wind and rain storm hit Maine on Saturday afternoon, October 28, 2006. Lamoine VFD was activated to deal with reports of trees down in the road. Reports of trees came from Mill Road, Marlboro Beach Road (at right and below), Shore Road/Wolf Run, Walker Road, and Lamoine Beach Road.

Firefighters spent most of Saturday night preventing traffic from encountering downed wires and trees. At some locations where it was determined that trees could be removed safely, the fire department cut up the wood and removed it from the road. Other locations were not accessible without a bucket truck, so barricades were erected to warn approaching traffic and to wait until Bangor Hydro Electric linemen arrived.

No injuries were reported, but there were some close calls. While standing by on Marlboro Beach Road a tree crashed very near where four firefighters were located (above picture, remnants of the tree shown). The high wind gusts (probably 75 mph plus) also caught the door of Engine 403 on Marlboro Beach Road, bending the hinges of the driver's door and making it impossible to close. The truck has since been repaired successfully.

A great deal of storm damage is reported, and the Lamoine Town Government will conduct a damage assessment report. Most of the cost will be removal of tree remains from the sides of the road. One Shore Road residence suffered vehicle damage when a tree fell on their car. Several homes likely lost frozen foods during the extended power outages.