Transfer Station Permit Policy
October 9, 2003

WHEREAS it is within the authority and in the best interest of the Municipality of Lamoine to regulate usage of the Lamoine Transfer Station, and;

WHEREAS the Lamoine Town Meeting passed a Commercial Trash Hauler policy on April 18, 1997, and;

WHEREAS the Lamoine Board of Selectmen are the duly elected and sworn municipal officers of the Town of Lamoine, therefore:

BE IT RESOLVED that the following policies are in effect regarding issuance of permits to utilize the Lamoine Transfer Station:

1. Permit Required – All vehicles desiring access to the Lamoine Transfer Station and Recycling Center must display a permit issued by the Town of Lamoine effective November 14, 2003. The attendance shall refuse permission to dispose of solid waste or recycling to any vehicle not displaying the proper permit.

2. Resident Permits – Resident permits shall consist of a sticker to be placed on the inside of the front window of vehicles in such a manner to be visible to the attendant but not in such a way to obscure the driver’s vision. Resident permits shall be issued at no cost by the Lamoine Town Office staff upon sufficient proof of residency. Such proof shall consist of a valid vehicle registration indicating excise tax paid to the Town of Lamoine. In the event a resident has moved from a different community within Maine to Lamoine, proof of residency shall be the same as for voter registration.

3. Non-Resident Property Owner Permits – Persons who own residential property in Lamoine, but are seasonal residents only shall be issued a resident permit upon proof of property ownership. Such proof may consist of a check of the tax records by the town office staff to confirm ownership of property. Non-resident owners shall sign a statement indicating that only trash generated from the normal residential use of the property within Lamoine shall be disposed of or recycled at the Lamoine Transfer Station. Display of the sticker shall be the same as # 2 above.

4. Seasonal Rental Permits – Owners of seasonal rental properties shall obtain a laminated permit from the town office staff. The permit will identify the address of the rental property, the owner’s name, and a statement on back explaining that it is to be displayed by the renter when utilizing the Lamoine Transfer Station. Such rental cards shall be maintained by the property owner in such a manner to transfer from renter to renter. The permit shall cost $2.00 each to cover the cost of production and lamination. Users must follow all transfer station rules.

5. Effective Date / Severability – This policy shall be effective upon signature by a majority of the Lamoine Board of Selectmen. If any section of this policy is found to be against local ordinance, state law or federal law, it shall not invalidate any other section of this policy.

Approved this 9th day of October, 2003

/s/Thomas Spruce

/s/S. Josephine Cooper

/s/Glenn Crawford

The Lamoine Board of Selectmen