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Minutes of The Special Town Meeting April 28, 2005

Town Clerk Jennifer Kovacs called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Lamoine Consolidated School Gymnasium. Approximately 200 voters were in attendance.

  1. To choose a moderator to preside over said meeting.

Josephine Cooper nominated Stuart Marckoon to be the moderator. Melody Havey 2 nd . There were no other nominations. By written ballot, 44 votes were cast for Mr. Marckoon, 3 for William Fennelly and 1 for Griff Fenton. Town Clerk Kovacs administered the Moderator's oath to Mr. Marckoon.

Because voters were still filing in, Mr. Marckoon recessed action until all were seated at approximately 7:25 PM.

  1. To see if the town will vote to increase the maximum property tax levy limit established by State law, for the event that the municipal budget approved on March 9, 2005 results in a tax commitment in excess of the maximum property tax levy otherwise applicable, such that the increased maximum property tax levy hereby established will equal the amount committed. (By state law, the vote on this article must be by written ballot).

John Wuorinen moved to pass the article as written. Henry Ashmore 2 nd . Glenn Crawford asked for an explanation of the article that people could understand. Moderator Marckoon explained that necessity for the article was passage of LD 1 by the Maine Legislature which set a base for the municipal tax commitment, and that amount for the current fiscal year was a negative number. Mr. Marckoon said the municipal portion of the budget passed in March would require about $65,000 in property tax commitment to fund.

Aurolynn Boda asked what the town is doing to cut its spending. Susan Lara asked questions regarding the town surplus. Franco Colella suggested that items published regarding town affairs identify the author. He asked about the difference between cash on hand and surplus.

Michael Garrett asked what the consequences would be if the article did not pass. William Boddy asked how the town came up with a negative number for a municipal tax commitment. Stuart Branch asked if the amount of municipal taxation would increase if the article passed. Jerry Jordan said he was concerned the town would have to pass this article every year.

Melody Havey asked the moderator to explain who has authority to approve the budget. Bill Pinkham asked why the Selectmen did not mention the ramifications of LD-1 at the annual town meeting. Selectman Cynthia Donaldson read from the Maine Townsman magazine a portion of an article regarding LD-1 and the confusion surrounding it, saying it was hastily put together and hard for anyone to understand.

After much more discussion, Michael Garrett moved to call the question, and it was 2 nd . A greater than 2/3 majority agreed to cease debate, and voters proceeded to cast written ballots on the original motion. Town Clerk Kovacs and Assistant Town Clerk Kathleen DeFusco collected and counted the written ballots. The results were 70 yes and 110 no. The motion failed.

  1. To see if the town will vote to approve amendments to the Building and Land Use Ordinance entitled “April 2005 Amendments correcting Building and Land Use Ordinance” posted and on file at the Town Clerk's Office.

It was moved and 2 nd to pass the article as written. A brief explanation was given by Planning Board members Melody Havey and Michael Garrett. The article passed on a hand vote.

Supplemental Warrant Article

  1. To see if the voters of the Town of Lamoine will appropriate and authorize a majority of the municipal officers of the Town of Lamoine to utilize an amount not exceeding $40,000 from undesignated fund balance for the purchase and boundary survey, including the legal costs associated therewith, of approximately 3.0 acres of land that border the east side of the existing ballfield behind the Lamoine School from David and Melanie Miller, which is a portion of Map 3, Lot 25 of the Town of Lamoine Tax Maps and described in a deed recorded in Book 2004, Page 77 in the Hancock County, Maine, Registry of Deeds, said Parcel to be acquired by the Town for municipal or school use, and further, to authorize the municipal officers to do any and all things and to take any and all actions and execute any and all documents necessary or convenient to acquire the Parcel.

The moderator noted there was an error in the meeting date on the supplemental warrant that was posted. Glenn Crawford moved to disregard the error and act upon the article as read. Richard Fennelly Jr. 2 nd . The motion passed on a hand vote.

It was moved and 2 nd to pass the article as written.

Ken Smith gave an explanation of how the article came before town meeting. After a lengthy discussion on the article Arthur Alley moved to cease debate on the question, and the motion was 2 nd . The vote in favor of moving the question passed by a greater than 2/3 majority.

The vote on the motion to pass the article as written failed on a hand vote.

There being no other business to transact, the moderator declared the meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Kovacs, Town Clerk