The Town of Lamoine Logo

The picture on the town logo was drawn as part of the 125th anniversary celebration by Whit & Dulcianne Vye, graphic artists who were residents of the town at the tiem. It depicts the sailing ship “The Collins” with a view of Mt. Desert Island in the background. The Collins was the last sailing ship to be built in Lamoine.

Sherm Douglas left the following notes on file with the Historical Society:

When the “Collins” was Launched,

Winfird Hodgkins built the “Collins” down to what is now the coaling station. She was the last one built at the shore. A big crowd was there from Ellsworth, Hancock, Salisbury Cove, Trenton and all over the town. Well everything was ready and she glided off but the crowd aboard, having provided themselves with plenty to drink, kept running from one side to the other, got in way of them that was to let go the anchor. 2 or 3 went overboard and in the excitement she drifted almost to Googins Ledge. Only the fact that it was high water save her from going ashore on the ledge.