March 2022 Town Meeting

The annual town meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, 2020 is scheduled to convene at 6:00 PM at the school.  At that time, it is planned by the Board of Selectmen to move to recess the meeting to a different date given the COVID-19 situation and the advice from the State of Maine to avoid gatherings of 50-people or more.  At this writing (11:30 AM on March 16, 2020) we do not know what the future date might be.  It will be prominently posted when that date is determined.  We are advising that voters do not need to attend the meeting on March 18, 2020 as the plan is to recess immediately.   There is the possibility that the motion does not pass, but that is highly doubtful. 

We appreciate the town’s understanding in advance.

Adjourned following election with out action

The annual town meeting election was held on March 3, 2020, however the open town meeting that convened two weeks later was recessed until May 26, 2020.  Due to the State of Emergency, the resumption on May 26 adjourned without action.   A new town meeting warrant will be drawn up on June 4, 2020 which will include the annual town meeting business and the school budget. The plan is to hold an open town meeting in accordance with State of Maine CDC guidelines on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. .