Lamoine’s Adopt-A-Highway Program

Lamoine became the first town in Hancock County and the 7th town in all of Maine to approve the state’s Adopt-A-Highway program.

Although the Maine legislature passed the bill authorizing the program in 1999, the State didn’t provide any resources or funding. Consequently very few towns have implemented this program according to Peter M Coughlan of the DOT.

Lamoine is definitely on the cutting edge and hopefully an inspiration to other towns in the county.

To begin the program, Lamoine town roads were divided into 27 approximately one mile (a State of Maine recommendation) sections for adoption. Each adoptee must agree to pick up roadside trash for two years at least two times a year preferably sometime in May and October. Lamoine town resident and past Annual Roadside Litter Cleanup Day organizer, Georgia Munsell, is coordinating this program with the town, Maine ‘s DOT and the adoptees. Munsell reports, “We had a tremendous response from past annual litter day pick-up volunteers. Within a few days, we had all 27 sections adopted! Additionally, many adoptees were able to select a stretch of road right near where they live. The Adopt-A-Highway program is really going to help us control the litter problem on all of Lamoine’s roads with our dedicated volunteers,” Munsell added.

Be A Backup Adoptee

Although all 27 sections of town roads have been adopted,we would like to have a list of back-up adoptees in case anyone isn’t able to keep their 2 year commitment. Please e-mail Georgia Munsell at [email protected]