Conservation Commission

The Lamoine Conservation Commission explores items having to do with development and land use, ordinance development, and advises the Planning Board and Selectmen. The Commission generally meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, and the public is encouraged to attend and speak. Associate members are always welcome.

The Lamoine Parks Committee was formed by an ordinance passed on March 9, 2005.

Commission Members

Larissa Thomas

Conservation Commission, Chair

Term Expires: June 30, 2024

Linda Penkalski

Conservation Commission

Term Expires: June 30, 2024

Madison Jones

Conservation Commission

Term Expires June 30, 2025

Claire Bennett

Conservation Commission

Term Expires June 30, 2026

Michael Jordan

Conservation Commission, Alt

Term Expires: June 30, 2025

Joanna Sands

Conservation Cmsn - Alternate

Term expires June 30, 2024

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Conservation Awards

Nominate Someone for the Conservation Award

The Lamoine Conservation Commission (LCC) requests nominations for the 2019 Conservation Award. Nominees should be a resident of Lamoine or someone with a strong connection to the town who has made a significant contribution in the area of natural resource conservation. Please submit nominations electronically to Larissa Thomas, LCC Chair, at [email protected], or in written form at Town Hall. Nominations are due by Wednesday, February 13, 2019.